The GRAMM Program

We realize that not everyone can donate their time as much as they want to.  We are in constant need of funds to support our program.  Although the Government can supply some medical expenses, the simple pleasures in life are often not met.  Many of the elderly are in need of clothes, food, hair cuts, flowers for special occasions, holiday gifts, etc.  Thank YOU for your support.  

Too many nursing home residents have no visitors. The GRAMM Program changes that.
Who Are We?
Growing Relationships and Making Memories (G.R.A.M.M.) is a volunteer nursing home outreach program dedicated to forming relationships with socially isolated residents of nursing homes. Many nursing home residents have no visitors. Similar to the Big Brother/Big Sister philosophy, GRAMM builds individual relationships through activities such as playing games, reading, sharing stories, reading and more.
Calling All Volunteers
The program, currently supporting the Allendale Nursing Home and the Woodlands in Ramsey, New Jersey, is looking for volunteers to visit a resident for an hour a week for 8 weeks. For more information on how you can help, please click the button below.

Give the gift of a smile.