The GRAMM Program

About Us

The G.R.A.M.M. Program – Growing Relationships And Making Memories, is a program created by Maryann Greco to support our aging community.  Through G.R.A.M.M., and while working with the Activity Director at Allendale Community for Senior Living, Maryann places ads in the local town newspaper for people who have a desire to volunteer.  She then interviews the candidates and discusses with the Activity Director, the best utilization of their talents and interests.  Maryann's dedication to the program is based upon her admiration for the elderly and disabled. As a result of this program, residents who do not have regular visitors now receive additional attention.  The involvement of the volunteers as friends to residents in need restores their dignity and alleviates the sense of loneliness.

            Maryann spends time listening to each resident in the Community and, in doing so, she develops a true rapport with the residents through which she gains their trust. They confide in her about their desires and interests. She is extraordinary in her ability to meet their needs and make the residents feel comfortable and special. Maryann understands the residents and always works to maintain an inclusive environment of trust, regardless of illness or physical disabilities.

            In the short existence of the GRAMM Program, Maryann and her program have won several notable awards such as:

  • 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award - State of New Jersey
  • 2015 Unsung Hero Award - Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • 2015 Adult Volunteer of the Year (Nationwide) - American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living

Every smile beautifies a community.

Our mission is to match every nursing home resident who do not have regular visitors to a volunteer companion. The relationship will help alleviate the sense of loneliness and help increase dignity and well-being.